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I'm Jenny, a photographer and artist based in the Twin Cities. I love doing photos for newborns, couples, elopement, and portraits. I believe that our environment is intimately connected to our love stories. Through documentary-style photography, I capture the emotions, chemistry, and personality of your unique partnership. I also offer photography for entrepreneurs and creatives. 

For over a decade, I managed a design and illustration gallery, Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, MN. It was a women-owned gallery focusing on connecting creatives around the globe. There, I lead residency and travel programs to places including Japan, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, England, and the National Parks in the US. Currently a freelance artist and photographer, communications and development manager at a printmaking studio, and busy human -- I have a new baby!

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Protecting the environment is everything. With all photoshoots, 5% is donated to The National Park Foundation or the Sierra Club Foundation

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