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I am an artist, curator, photographer, and gallery manager based in Minneapolis, MN. For the past eight years, I have managed an international design and illustration gallery, Light Grey Art Lab, and led creative residency programs around the globe including Ireland, England, Japan, Iceland, Norway, and National Parks throughout the United States. 

I create work inspired by nature, science, microorganisms, and sublime imagery. In the past few years, I have also delved into photography as a way to capture Macro/Mirco and sacred spaces.

If you are looking to collaborate, hire for gallery consultation, management, or a photography project, send me a note:


Gallery Manager at Light Grey Art Lab, Minneapolis, MN, 2012- Present.

Light Grey Art Lab is a Minneapolis-based gallery, classroom, event space, and creative travel business.

Creative Residency Program Manager, 2014-Present

The Light Grey Art Lab Travel programs include Creative Residencies, International Art Camps, National Art Camp Programs.

Travel Leader and Residency Liaison, 2014-Present 

Leading academic programs through various countries including Japan, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, England, and National Parks throughout the United States.

Curator and Co-Director: Art of This Gallery, One-Nighter Series, Minneapolis, MN, 2011-2013

South Minneapolis Summer One Nighter Series -- 8 Exhibitions in 8 Weeks


2020 | World Roulette,  Worldbuilding Exhibition and Publication, Minneapolis, MN

2019 | Innuendo,  Collaborative Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN

2018 | Wanderlust, Creative Residency Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN

2018 | Foodies: Recipe's from Around the Globe, Minneapolis, MN

2018 | Arboretum, Curator and Exhibitor, Minneapolis, MN

2016 | Botanica, Plants and Species, Minneapolis, MN

2015 | Black Sheep Exhibit, Saint Paul, MN

2015 | Bower Bird, Postcard Exhibit of Collections, Minneapolis, MN

2015 | Iceland Residency Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN

2014 | Work a+ Play, Land Gallery, Portland, OR

2014 | Stacks, Zine Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN

2013 | The Omnibus Treasury, Illustrated Jewelry Collection, Minneapolis, MN

2013 | 6 Degrees, Postcard Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN

2013 | Making An Ocean, Solo Exhibition, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN

2013 | Macro + Micro, Minneapolis, MN

2013 | Palindrome, Gallery 148, Minneapolis, MN

2013 | Hot Party, Minneapolis, MN

2012 | One Nighter Series Presents All Nighter, Northern Spark, Minneapolis MN

2012 | Reflection Shanty, Art Shanty Projects, Medicine Lake, MN


2020 | World Roulette Art Book

2018 | Light Grey COSMOS Tarot & Oracle Deck Second Edition

2015 | Light Grey COSMOS Tarot & Oracle Deck First Edition

2014 | Great Personality, Myers-Briggs- Inspired Videogame

2014 | Dream Arcade, 28-level Platformer Game

2013 | Rolemodels: Battle for Vyk'Tornaahl Card Game

2012 | Girls: Fact + Fiction Art Book

2012 | Light Grey Tarot Deck

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